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Evergrey, A Night to Remember DVD

A Night to Remember DVD is the two-disc DVD release complementing the double live album I've already reviewed on this site. The first disc consists of the 2004 Gothenburg concert that also appears on the double live album, and the second disc includes six and a half hours of material, including music videos of six songs, band interviews, and backstage material.

For an analysis of the audio of the concert, see my review of the double live album. Having the video enhances the experience, because you can see exactly what the band has done to create the full experience. Very little of the music or sounds was prerecorded. For example, the backing vocals are done by an onstage trio. A string ensemble comes on stage for "When the Walls Go Down" and stays for the next several songs. About the only thing that was prerecorded, that I could tell, was the voiceover on "When the Walls Go Down." With the video, you also get good views of the unique and interesting concert hall. It's apparently designed to give great views to just about everyone, shaped like an oval with three levels. The band doesn't do the silly prancing around that some metal bands do; they let the music do the talking. The lights are subtle and appropriate, shifting color from deep blues to pure whites as needed. The whole atmosphere coheres well with the dark, emotive Evergrey sound.

On to the second disc. The music videos are nothing special, really. I'm not a huge fan of music videos anyway, but these are basically just scenes of the band members playing their instruments. The band interview is lengthy and informative. I didn't know they originally had a different singer, and that Tom Englund started singing because they couldn't find anyone else. A fortuitous turn of events, considering that one of the things Evergrey is known for is the vocals. The interviewer gets the band members to open up by asking them about best and worst touring experiences, which popular-culture characters they remind each other of, and so on. Evergrey is not a band you expect to see featured on "Behind the Music" or one of those sensationalistic shows, because they're not loud, aggressive, raging alcohol-and-sex addicts like, say, American rock stars. They're fundamentally serious about their craft, which I like to see.

To be honest, I haven't gotten to most of the backstage material yet. There's just so much stuff to see here that I haven't been able to get it to it all and write a timely review. Suffice it to say that this DVD is essential for all Evergrey fans. You'll get as close a look at the band and their music as you could ever hope for.

July 10, 2005
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