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Eclectic and melodic enough to be a welcome addition. As a matter of fact, Mundanus Imperium represents a trend which may gain tremendous popularity among those either craving "fresh blood" or missing the "good old sound". Rather fast and traditional metal interspersed with beautiful keyboard pieces. Clean old school vocals. Great melodies whatever you call it.

Country: Sweden
  1. Ode to the nightsky
  2. Winds of the frozen stars
  3. Ridende pa nattens vinger
  • Grond - drums, bass, guitar and vocals
  • Draug Hate - keyboards and synthesizers
  1. Distant Conglomeration
  2. The Life Of What You Seek
  3. Beyond The Earthly
  4. Starwars
  5. Predominate
  6. Stargazer
  7. The Unborn Breathes In Silence
  8. If The Universe Transformed
  • Jorn Lande - vocals
  • Petter J. Thuve - guitars
  • Bent E. Holm - keyboards
  • Lars Wiik - drums & bass guitar
Recorded and mixed at Studio Studio in August '97 except for "Starwars" recorded and mixed in March '98
Cover and artwork by Mundanus Imperium and Flea Black
MUNDANUS IMPERIUM - THE SPECTRAL SPHERES CORONATION | Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Length: 42:43
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