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Depressive and melancholic black metal one man's band by Markus Norman (Bewitched, Naglfar)

Country: Sweden
  1. Pastorale in E-minor
  2. Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness
  3. They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever
  4. Forest of Summoned Spirits
  5. The Journey of the Ancients
  6. The Serpents Sleep is not Eternal
  • Marcus E. Norman: Guitars/vocals/keyboards
  • Andreas Nilsson: Guitars
  • Fredrik Jakobsson: Bass/backing vocals
  • Ulf Andersson: Drums
Recorded at Garageland Studios, December 1993. Engineered by Henrik Kjellberg.
  1. A Hymn to the Northern Empire
  2. In the Land of the Crimson Moon
  3. They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever
  4. Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness
  5. The Journey of the Ancients
  6. As Snow Covers the Northland
  7. No Tears At His Funeral
  8. Forest of Summoned Spirits
  9. A Ravens Reflection of the Ancient Northland
  10. The Serpents Sleep Is Not Eternal
  11. At the Other Side
  12. The Sleep Within
  • Marcus E. Norman: Classic and electric lead guitar, nocturnal voice
  • Fredrik Jakobsson: Electric bass guitar and howling
  • Andreas Nilsson: Electric rhythm guitar
  • Jens Rydén: Piano and keyboards
"For Snow Covered the Northland" was recorded at the Garageland Studio in December, the year of 1994. Produced by Henrik Kjellberg and Ancient Wisdom. Drums programmed by Fredric Thordendal. Layout by Fredrik Jonsson and Ancient Wisdom. Photos by Kristoffer Olivius. All music and poetry by Marcus E. Norman.
  1. The Awakening of the Ancient Serpent
  2. The Calling of Nocturnal Demons
  3. As the Twelve Legions of Angels Died
  4. In the Profane Domain of the Frostbeast
  5. Spiritual Forces of Evil in the Heavenly Realms
  6. And to the Dephts They Descended
  7. At the Stone of Ancient Wisdom
  8. Of Darkness Spawned Into Eternity
  9. Through the Mist of Dusk They Arose and Clad the Sky With Fire
  • Marcus E. Norman: Electric lead and rhythm guitar, bass, lead and backing vocal, drums and programming, keyboard and samples.
  • Guestvocals by Kristoffer Olivius.
"The Calling" was recorded and mixed in the UMT-studio during four days in December 1996. Produced by Ancient Wisdom. Engineered by Jan Andersson and Olle Rönnlund. Mixed by Ancient Wisdom. Photos by Kristoffer Olivius and Mala. Front cover concept by Ancient Wisdom. Digtally visualized by Jens Rydén. Layout by Jens Rydén.
  1. Prelude - Lucifer, Aieth Gadol Leolam
  2. And the Physical Shape of Light Bled
  3. With His Triumph Came Fire
  4. Interludium - The Fall of Man
  5. As the Morningstar Shineth
  6. The Serpent's Blessing
  7. Postludium - His Creation Reversed
  8. The Spell (Demon cover)
  • Markus Norman - Everything
"...and the Physical Shape of Light Bled" was written, arranged and performed by Marcus E. Norman, exept "The Spell" (Music and lyrics by D.Hill/M. Spooner). It was recorded at the Wolf's Lair during different periods of time in 1998 and 1999. Engineered, produced and mixed by M. Norman. Layout and front cover digital design by Jens Rydén.
  1. Invocation of the World Destroyers
  2. Arphe De A Londoh De Ialpor Salbrox
  3. Sulphurfields
  4. Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
  5. Procreation Denied
  6. Retaliation Of The Rebellious
  7. A Acroodzi de a Galvah
  8. Universal Annihilation
  • Markus Norman - Everything
"Cometh Doom, Cometh Death" was recorded, produced and mixed at the Wolf's Lair by Marcus E. Norman.
Vocals recorded at Dead Silent Studios, engineered by Jens Rydén.
Mastered at Ballerina Audio by Nils Johansson and Marcus E. Norman.
Front cover illustration by Jason Juta.
Photos by Kristoffer Olivius and Maria Norman.
Layout by Peter Norman.
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