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I conducted an interview with Monika Dee, lead guitarist of Australian gothic power metal band Supremacy talking about metal, songwriting and her other interests.

When we think of Monika Dee, we think of…?
A lead guitarist that is dedicated, hard working and knows the meaning of being professional , loves originality and wants to write and produce good music, but most of all when you think of Monika Dee think “Serious business” I’m ready to take on the world and you “You better be ready for it” (Laughs)

You’re riding on the successes of Angel, your latest mini-album. Where to from there?
We are currently recording our 4th Release and it is amazing, I really feel that this CD is going to do wonders for Supremacy. It is the best we have released I’m sure of it, all the new material is well constructed and thought out, no rushing what so ever. Jadi-Anne and I have become perfectionists so we have spent a lot of time and money into the new album and so far we are so proud and left breathless on how this album is progressing, also working with one of the best producers in Australia; Endel Rivers - his work is magical and the production is world class. We have done really well in Australia but there comes a time when you have to step down and hand it to someone who will take it serious and promote it around the world. Jadi-Anne and I have independently released all our CD’s, but with the new album we want to shop it around and find the right company or person to really work it to its highest potential.
The Australian music industry is really small for our style of music and I really feel that we need someone to work with on a much larger scale internationally. I can promise that who ever ends up with Supremacy, it would be a great asset to them because we know the meaning of hard work and take our music and business very serious and have so for the last ten years.

Angel features a performance from Tobias Sammet of Edguy fame; how did it feel to work with a “veteran” of power metal?

Tobias is such a beautiful soul, when they did their tour in Australia they blew me away; they are very professional and work great together as a band. It was such an honour to play and be one of their support bands, Edguy is a band that is truly loved by their Australian fans and will always be very respected by Supremacy. While they did their tour in Australia it was suggested that Tobias should sing a song with Jadi-Anne, so while Jadi-Anne was talking business with Tobias I was talking guitars with the other guys , Jadi-Anne then walked up to me and told me that Tobias will be singing on “Inner Truth”; I thought "Cool", but when I heard the final work I was saying “Wow” this guy really made it sound great and gave the song a different outlook compared to the original version.
Tobias will always be appreciated and well respected by Jadi-Anne and myself and working with him was one of the best things we had done. “Inner truth” was written in 1991 and for some reason we pulled it out of the closet and decided to record it for the MCD “Angel” On the new album we will still have “Inner truth” but without Tobias, it will be the original version also with “Salted Wounds” and the song “Angel” them versions also will be a bit different. The MCD “Angel” was only a sample for promotional purposes and ended up going out of control, a lot of copies got sold on our terms which was strictly in Australia, and a few got sent out around the world for review.
We have now discontinued the “Angel MCD” that was released by “Metal Warriors” Australia and want to re-release it as a finished product independently or even Release it through an appropriate label that is willing to take on the new album, we are undecided at this point. The new “Angel MCD - EP” will still have Tobias on it and also the Visual clip for the song “Angel” and “Salted Wounds” Which we are starting to film this November, This new EP will also have a few new surprises.

Some have described your band as a mix of gothic and power metal, the influences of which are present on your latest CD. Where would you like to be classified, if at all?
I don’t really know I just write what I feel in my heart so I will leave it up to who ever wants to classify it, but then again I’d say your right we do have a gothic kind of feel in our music maybe because Jadi-Anne is a Gothic kind of soul, I’m more into classical music and metal, so who knows as long as it touches the souls of our fans. I’d be more then happy to be classified as a band that produces original and good Gothic-rock metal sounds and Classical arrangements, “Gee that sounds so complicated” (Laughs).

Sum up the band Supremacy in a few words for us.
Very strong, dedicated, unpredictable, thought provoking and extremely hard working.

Where do you see Supremacy in five years time?
Releasing more albums, filming more video clips and touring the world.

How would you describe your musical influences?
I grew up on the 80’s metal bands like Ozzy, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Megadeth, King diamond, Testament, Twisted Sister, AC/DC and my god the list goes on and on...
I love Classical music and have studied Classical for many years but when it comes to writing songs for Supremacy Jadi-Anne is my biggest influence to be honest, we both influence each other to write as original as possible.

What made you pick up the guitar, instead of another instrument?
I have always loved the sound of a guitar and I used to hassle my mother to buy me one but she could never afford it, Jadi-Anne bought me my first guitar for my 15th birthday and I haven’t stoped playing guitar since. I will never forget the days I didn’t have one thou, I used to play air guitar to metal music, I wanted to be like Angus Young from AC/DC. Now I play electric guitar, Classical guitar, mandolin and Keyboards.

What do you get up to when you’re not rehearsing or performing?
I spend time with my family and friends and I also hang out with my dog and two cats, I called my dog “Angel” because it is one of my favourite Supremacy songs. I try to relax in my spare time because as soon as we are in the studio it is flat out with nothing but pure hard work.

Which band/person would you most want to be on stage with?

It has to be Ozzy Osbourne; I adore that man, even Dee from Twisted Sister, they both rock big time…

What got you into the whole metal scene in the first place?
Metal music appealed to me when I was a kid for some reason, it felt true, right and I always could relate to metal music and lyrics. I don’t know, I guess I got into the metal scene because it made me strong and let me express myself in my own way without any rules.

Non-Metal Questions

Variety is the spice of life…your thoughts on that subject?
Yes it’s great to have variety, different colours, choices, flavours, styles etc… but at the end of the day you will always find that one thing in that whole variety that suites you best and that’s what you will always stick to because it is who you are and what you like, so to be true to yourself you have to follow your heart.

What are your other interests…?
I don’t really have any to be honest; I’m just really obsessed with music and spend all my free time practising to become a better artist or writing with Jadi-Anne or discussing business and schedules for Supremacy.

What are your thoughts on…?
- Politics
- I’m not into politics what so ever, I really don’t know to much about it and really don’t understand any of it.
- Film/Cinema
- It is very rare that I go out to watch a movie at a cinema; I really don’t have the time. But I can tell you one of my favourite films and that is “Immortal Beloved” , Beethoven.
Popular Culture
- Popular Culture??? I have always lived in my own little musical world and done what I wanted to do even if it wasn’t in fashion or popular at the time, I find that popular Culture turns into a huge herd of sheep, what ever is in at the time weather it is a musical style, a fashion or even doing something to look cool, people start to follow each other to fit that trend, “No way not me” I do what I want and take no notice of what everyone else is doing to follow today’s popular Culture.
- Reality TV
Some reality TV makes me laugh and I can not believe some things that people really do but that’s reality I suppose, most of my friends get right into reality TV it doesn’t faze me, if some people want the world to know their day to day life so be it. I think it interests most people because for some strange reason everyone wants to know other peoples' business.
Favourite book of all time?
James Van Pragh, I love reading books on ghosts and spirits and people who have a gift or the knowledge to know what is going to happen before it does happen. I’m very spiritual I guess, it fascinates me so much, life and the after life and some story’s of spirits that came back to haunt or see their loved ones again. That really fascinates me.

A sincere thanks must go out to Monika for the interview, and we wish Supremacy all the best for the future!

September 22, 2004
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