Jotunspor is another black metal act hailing from the soul of this art: Norway, proving that the heart of that country is still capable of pumping out something new and of quality. The members are no new comers though since both of its members are related to the well known infamous act Gorgoroth. Bass player King Ov Hell as well as former drummer Kvitrafn are forming this duo from hell. Drums and bass aren't the only instruments heard of this rather strange orchestra. Being labeled as black metal / noise project, Jotunspor stands at the line separating avant-garde from progressive I would dare saying. The guys are only using native language to really benefit the compositions while adding an aura of mystery. Added to this some cool effects applied to them to give a real sick end result. Not afraid to involve keyboards and electronics/ samplings either to add atmosphere to their black metal while different paces are used all along the highway to hell. My favorite tracks are: Solartjuven (spaced out keys vs. dark mysterious atmosphere); Ginnun Gagalder (hectic vs. industrial) and the title track for its nice prog time signature.

A different kind of black metal but you cant go wrong when it's from Norway!

8.5 / 10

07/27/2006 Shadow